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Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate 2018

Wednesday, November 14 – Friday, November 16
Orlando, Florida

OLC Accelerate is devoted to driving quality online learning, advancing best practice guidance and accelerating innovation in learning around the world. OLC offers in-person and virtual attendance options. See the OLC website for details.

More about OLC

Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is the leading professional organization devoted to advancing the quality of online learning worldwide. Online learning continues to expand and play a strategic role in the innovation and improvement of higher education. OLC events highlight the rich variety of institutional models and the wide range of opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators in online education.

OLC Accelerate Virtual Conference Registration

Digital Learning is providing free registration to Mason at Large to attend the OLC conference virtually. Below are instructions on how to register:

IMPORTANT: Each individual participant must have an OLC User Account – if you do not have one, please create one now. An OLC Community membership is free. Conference Session access is granted through the participant’s OLC user account.

After you have accessed your OLC User account, please follow these instructions to gain access to the virtual OLC conference:

1. Please visit the OLC Accelerate 2018 Registration Page

2. Select Register – Virtual

3. Purchase

4. Select Individual Attendee

5. Complete registration as prompted

6. Enter the coupon code provided to complete your purchase with a zero balance: 2018-ACCEL-VIRT-UGPO5QODDBBCZKB

7. You are now registered and may view the recorded sessions. Visit the Streamed Sessions listing for viewing each session. Note that virtual access instructions will be sent to each registered participant upon completion of their individual registration.

Troubleshooting Tips
Please refer to the OLC Conference FAQ page.
If you have additional questions, please email support@onlinelearning-c.org.

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